Animal Experiences
Interacting with the animals is education with a hands on experience
Bugs n Bones is a company providing an interactive, educational service to children and adults alike. We visit local schools, pre-schools, nurseries and community groups with our animals, introducing children to the world of unusual and exotic animals. We teach them about where they come from, what they eat and also how to care for them. By teaching children about the care required we hope it will help prevent poor husbandry for now and in the future.

Alongside schools and community group talks we also provide childrens birthday entertainment, attend weddings, events and fundraisers! Bringing a wide collection of exotic animals to your front door. We are interactive and offer an exciting party whilst being educational at the same time. From insects and invertebrates to mammals and reptiles, we have something for everyone.

Bugs n Bones works also as a rescue. We take in any mis-treated or unwanted reptiles and snakes. By offering this service we are able to ensure an experienced and well cared for home. We are registered with 2 exotic animal vets in the Midlands which all our animals attend on arrival to the rescue for a check up. Any medicines or treatment required is all paid for by Bugs n Bones. The animals remain with the rescue for the remainder of there life, we do not re-home a
ny of our animals, nor do we breed from them.

Bugs n Bones is highly dedicated to our cause and in educating the world in the care and welfare of these animals. By educating just one person, we hope to have saved one exotic animals life.