1. Weddings
    Want to give your guests something to talk about, other than your dress? We are perfect entertainment in between the speeches and the room change ready for the party. 2 hours of exotic animal handling for you and your guests make for some excellent wedding photos!
  2. Corporate
    Want an event with a difference? Why not have the office clown lie in a box of snakes or the office manager eat some roasted crickets? Offering corporate events to your business with "Im a celebrity" themed challenges
  3. Fun Days
    Is your school having a summer fair? If your local village having a fete? If so, get in touch We come with our marquee and a selection of animals for the public to handle and have pictures with. We can also do face painting and glitter tattoos as well. Bringing something different to your event
  4. Beavers, Guides, Cubs etc
    Working towards your animal care badge? We can bring some live exotic animals for your group to meet, handle and learn all about. See what they look like, how they feel, learn where they come from and what they eat? An exciting and interactive way to learn
  5. One to Ones
    Looking for a special experience for someone you love? We can offer bespoke one to one sessions for you and a friend. Bringing a large collection of animals to your house, giving you that special tailored session
  6. Other
    Just fancy meeting the animals? Then get in touch!